Camp Quality Volunteer: Bob Lowick

Cancer is an issue close to many people’s hearts, we all wish we could do more to support those suffering from it. However we all just look at it as “THE BIG C” we never think that life CAN go on for those inflicted with cancer. Bob Lowick, through the amazing organisation Camp Quality, has done just that.

Camp Quality (@Camp_Quality), an absolutely inspiring not – for – profit organisation that works to “create a better life for every Australian child living with cancer by building family optimism and resilience”.

An organisation with the motto of “laughter is the best medicine” has truly impacted on thousands if not millions of children with cancer. Organising extraordinary camps, activities, programs, just to simply put a smile on a suffering child’s face, to support families bringing them back together, bringing joy back into their lives.

As cancer is a topic close to my heart, I thought this organisation would be best to kick off my articles on inspirational community. One volunteer who stands out among many is Bob Lowick.

Bob has been working with camp quality for the past 16 years. As a member of his local lions club, he set off on a fundraising journey 16 years ago as part of a great escapade. There he was introduced to camp quality, which lead to him being “won over” by the idea behind the organisation.

Having faced cancer himself, and fighting on a daily basis with his wife against her cancer, Bob is a true inspiration within the community.

When speaking to Bob Lowick over the phone, tears swelled in my eyes as I heard his inspirational love for his work. “It’s a two way street… we are always giving and receiving… we can’t make it go away, but we can lighten the load” he said.

With two daughters of his own, Bob knows how important it is to keep a family together. “When a family is inflicted with cancer, they become dysfunctional… we help them to get back together… we give them a supporting network.”

“The camps are a place where we can meet others, get inspired, get motivated before heading back to the real word” ~ Anne (mother of 4-year-old with cancer).

Overall Bob Lowick has left his mark in this world, he has made a true and real difference in the lives of many young childrens’ hearts. He is a true INSPIRATION.


COMING SOON: The full interview with Bob Lowick from Camp Quality.

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Bob Lowick (middle back) with other volunteers at camp in Sovereign Hill, early March. 


Twitter List


Social media has become a common medium for journalists throughout the world to continuously interact with the world. As an emerging journalist I have sincerely understood the need for social media in a journalist’s life. After deciding what my blog topic was going to be(about page), I hit a wall in deciding what my first blog story was going to be about (which will be coming real soon). I needed some sort of inspiration to find a story. That’s when it hit me that social media can in reality help a journalist discover what is out there in the world.

By creating a twitter list of people who may inspire me while working on my blog, I have found coming up with ideas for stories much easier and trouble free. I am now on a mission to create a list of people who are related to my topic. I will keep updating this list so my readers can also benefit from these twitter handles.

1- Camp Quality (@camp_quality) – An organisation which works with children who have been affected by cancer, they organize camps and other activities, working tirelessly to put a smile on children’s faces. I can benefit from this organization by keeping an eye out for their most inspiring workers and clients.

2- TWLOHA (@TWLOHA)-  a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. I can find inspirational stories of people who have suffered from depression and have moved on now from this organisation and write about them.

3- Human Appeal (@HumanAppeal)- a world wide charity organisation which supports those in need all over the world. They continuously post about their latest projects, which I feel are story worthy.

4- SISTERS magazine (@FabulousSISTERS)- a magazine dedicated to empower Muslim females, through following their posts I can track down some of their writers and draw light onto their inspirational lives.

5- Inspirational women(@FamousWomen)- a twitter account which constantly posts inspirational quotes said by inspirational women. From their quotes I can gain insight on some famous influential people within the community.

6- world vision (@WorldVision)- A Christian relief, development & advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families & communities to overcome poverty & injustice. Their work and stories are easily great material for me to write about

7- Fire Fighter Nation (@firenation)- Firefighting and rescue news, social network for firefighters, training tips, photos, videos, blogs and more. The home for firefighting and rescue community.

8- Bill Schumm (@firegeezer)- a retired fire captain which has lead an amazing influential life- candidate for a post article.

9- Victoria Police (@VictoriaPolice)- updates on police stories in Victoria, I think this is a great twitter account for me to follow to keep updates with what is going on in our Victorian community.

10- The Age (@theage)- occasionally the age has stories about amazing incidents throughout the community. Their stories can be a great motivation for me to dig deeper into well known stories and find other angles which have been neglected.

If you have any other suggestions for me, don’t be afraid to send me an email(, or post a comment down below.

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People like Julia GillardLady GagaWill Smith, and Tony Abott are always plastered  on the front pages of our newspapers. What makes the news is subjective to the individual and their beliefs. As an emerging journalist, I believe that our media should appreciate a wider range of people and go beyond the usual publicized figures.

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